Pavlodar high college of management

You want to be rich - learn craft. Abay.

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Information for applicants


«Become a professional, find your place
in the processes taking place in the country, take
participation in the construction of the future»

Pavlodar College of Management opened in 2001. In December 2012, the college successfully passed the next certification for the right to conduct educational activities. In Pavlodar College of Management, full-time, part-time and distance education for disables are conducted.

The college provides professional training on the basis of 9 and 11 grades for specialties and issues a state diploma:
- “Accounting and Auditing (by branches)”
- “Computing equipment and software (by types)”
- “Information systems (by application)”
- "Information Security Technician"

                On the basis of 11 grades in the specialty "Information Systems" and "Computers and Software" admission is conducted for budget training.

Students during training receive additional working profession in each specialty at no extra charge:
    • “Accounting and audit (by branches)” + insurance agent + 1С: Accounting;
    • "Information systems" + computer operator + 1C: Accounting + Computer graphics;
    • “Computing equipment and software” + computer operator + computer design + 1C: Accounting;
     • "Information Security Technician" + computer operator + computer design + 1C: Accounting;
                Educational and material base allows you to prepare high-level specialists for each qualification. All classrooms are computerized and integrated into a single local area network that allow students to use the information base from any computer in any office. Each student has the opportunity to work on a individual computer. Provided unhindered access to the Internet at any convenient time. The college has a comfortable environment: cozy rooms, video room, library, dining room, radio center, and gym.


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