Pavlodar high college of management

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College history

Pavlodar College of Management was founded in 2001 on the first wave of economic growth in Kazakhstan. Its creation was due to the prospect of the upcoming transition of the country from a raw materials economy to high technologies. The system of vocational education at that time was focused on training specialists in the raw materials sector, energy, and metallurgy.

The modern labor market is in constant development. The measure of the demand for different professions depends on the situation. Along with a network of public institutions designed to fill the open vacancy have been created many educational institutions operating on a commercial basis. Because of the need (the struggle for a place in the competitive educational market), they have to react sensitively and effectively to various market fluctuations. The creation of this type of college was dictated by the requirements of time, because at that moment there was an acute shortage of information and telecommunication technology specialists, and educational institutions that are able to prepare such specialists productively and efficiently.

PCM filled its place of the empty niche, providing the market with qualified specialists in the field of information technology. At least, students every year becomes more and more. And it is not surprising, since the ratio of price and quality of education is balanced.

Experience, authority and organizational talent of the first director of the college Gatych L.P., her ability to choose and develop the development strategy of the educational institution correctly allowed the college to declare itself in the labor market in a short time and adequately recommend it among technical and vocational education organizations in Pavlodar region.

The first college graduation in 2003 was 13 people, at that time there are 9 teachers. A year later, the release was already 14 people. A further trend in college graduate students is presented in the table.

Year People
2004-2005 19
2005-2006 14
2006-2007 46
2007-2008 54
2008-2009 59
2009-2010 78
2010-2011 85
2011-2012 105
2012-2013 83
2013-2014 89
2014-2015 75
2015-2016 76
2016-2017 119


Advantages of Pavlodar College of Management

- the college was created from zero, so it is immediately focused on the needs of the labor market;

- introduced the system ST RK ISO;

- a small contingent allows for an individual approach to students and their parents;

- highly qualified full-time teachers of special disciplines and computer technologies;

- the use of information and communication technologies allows teaching staff, in collaboration with college students, to create educational, methodical and electronic manuals;


- a high percentage of graduate employment;

- constantly updated computer base;

- introduction of information and communication technologies;

- created the conditions for training people with disabilities;

- introduced elements of distance learning;

- opportunities are being sought to educate children from socially disadvantaged groups of the population for free.

In 2003, developed and installed LIN College; the logical organization of storing information in the network, the access interface, the organization supporting the relevance of this information, ensuring the protection of information have been designed; A subsystem of remote access and controlled access to the global Internet has been developed.

Since 2004, the college has operated a file server with open user access.

In 2007, the college site was developed.

Since 2007, the system of internal video surveillance has been functioning, which allows to ensure the safety of students; monitor the progress of the educational process; make open the inner life of the whole college

- video room for demonstration of video films on the studied disciplines

- a radio center that helps with the organization of the educational process: musical arrangement of events; radio link; notification system; musical pauses, broadcasting radio stations; holding thematic lecture halls.

In 2008, the site was transferred to a paid hosting "".

A new website design was developed in the 2009-2010,

From the 2009-2010, the college began training groups on a budgetary basis: specialty 1304000 - "Computing equipment and software (by type)" (30 students). Since 2012, the site has been functioning on the state language, a distance learning site has been created.

From December 2012, the terminal has a terminal server.

Since 2013, the internal video surveillance system has been updated, an external video surveillance system has been installed with a connection to the DVD remote control.

Admission on a budgetary basis: specialty 1305000 "Information systems (by application)" (25 students).

The introduction of a global college automation project allows you to create a unified structure based on modern information technologies, it allows you to effectively manage and make the right decisions, increase the reliability of all college departments and the speed of performing current tasks, increases the prestige of the institution, provides all network users with access to resources College and the Internet.

Today PKU attracts the best specialists in various fields of knowledge to teaching, uses modern teaching aids, completely computerizes the learning process, constantly updates and improves the technical equipment of classrooms.

Know-how of Pavlodar College of Management is the introduction of information and telecommunication technology to improve the efficiency of the educational process.

Computer technologies develop the ideas of programmed learning, open up completely new, not yet explored technological options associated with the unique capabilities of modern communications, new information technologies for training and transmitting information to the student through a computer.


In 2008, the first director and founder of the college Lidia Petrovna Gatych was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In July 2010, the college site won in the nomination "The most interactive site" in the regional competition of Internet sites "The best Web-site of an educational institution of the region."

In 2010, Deputy Director for ED, Grebenchikova Tamara Valentinovna was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a letter of thanks from the MESc, RK.

In 2010, the College took part in a competition organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan "Union Atameken" and the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 23, 2008 No. 523 " Competition"


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